About Us

Welcome to U Book Educations

Being an authorized distributor for Original Books, our U Book Educations partner with Publishers across the globe to establish a key player in Myanmar Market for supplying Original Titles at reasonable price. We aim to ensure both our customers from Public to Private sectors with satisfactory service, enabling them key resources and material officially from Publishers. More importantly, we go extra length to provide official reprint projects for curriculum based titles, approved by Publishers for Myanmar only- creating awareness significantly in Copyright Law. Thus, from retail to individuals, we hope to offer the best service to our customers aligned with our mission in pace. 


Our Vision

1. Identifying the best solutions to fill the gaps of our customers’ requirement efficiently.

2. We guarantee the authenticity of our products to cement the integrity in developing our countries’ copyright infringement law.

3. We try to enable channels to let our local scholars collaborate with international experts for knowledge sharing and enrichment of practices.

Our Mission

1. To commit ourselves in Myanmar Education Development.

2. To provide solution enabling better standards of our customers.

3. To ensure copyright law in bringing the better prospects of our Universities’ International ranking.